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Tahta Kılıç

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The Tahta Kılıç movie, which tells the traces of the Kosovo War in different cities of Kosovo in 2020, was shot in Albanian language in black and white.

It focuses on Haydar's search for his father, who disappeared during the Kosovo War. The film, which sheds light on the present day of a wounded country, is a first because it is also signed by a Turkish producer and Turkish director, and counts the days to appear in front of cinema lovers.

Fiona Gllavica, Mensur Safcı, Bislim Muqaj, Ilir Prapashtica, Astrit Kabashi, Vedat Bajrami, Irena Cahani, Ernest Malazogu and Artiole Hamdiju are in the cast of the film, in which the role of Haydar is played by Florist Bajgora.