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For Atlantis, the transfer of culture and art to the future is an important responsibility that supports social development. The importance of festivals in the Atlantis range of services arises from this responsibility. What makes festivals greater than an event is that, regardless of the reason for their execution, each festival requires a different spirit and social harmony. Even if the festival takes place in the most open venue in the world, a very special festive atmosphere must be created surrounding it, and this is what we do best. The unforgettable FreeZone Festival, which lasts for years, the fizy Istanbul Music Week, the first and most comprehensive city festival of popular culture in Turkey, and the dozens of big and small festivals we succeeded. Each festival came to life with our "360 Degree Entertainment" approach. You can feel the difference of Atlantis whatever you can think in a festival, from the ticket office, the stands, the seating areas to the backstage, with its innovative ideas, smiling details, exhilarating atmosphere. We follow all the festivals in the world, we are inspired by these festivals and we present our roadmap to our business partners that will turn their experiences into a real festival.