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Everyone keeps silent when the theater begins. The perfect silence, which is the greatest need of all of us and helps us to open different doors of life, is the biggest contribution of the theater, which is the world's third-largest art branch, to our lives. The theater, which is the birthplace of cinema, television productions, and all types of stage shows, plays a unique role among Atlantis services in that it is given the respect it deserves and embraces the audience it deserves. It is only possible with experienced entertainment institutions like our company to adopt the theater, for another theater piece to be staged, while a seat to be purchased, another theater lover born, and an actor performing his play with more flavor. By this time, we have put on hundreds of plays, both in Istanbul and on tours, in which local and foreign talented actors take place on the stage. We have been producing Amadeus, who has been playing the box office since the day it was started to be staged, and we have focused on producing permanent works by signing many works with domestic theater formations, in the interest of our passion for Turkish theater art.