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Great Interest in 'Crocodile Fire'

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"Crocodile Fever", one of the most surprising plays of recent years, which has been compared to "like a feminist Tarantino" by The Guardian Newspaper, is being staged at Zorlu PSM. It tells the story of two sisters living at opposite poles and a cruel father who condemns his children to lovelessness and inflicts deep wounds on them.

The award-winning play “Amadeus”, staged with the cooperation of Piu Entertainment and Çolpan İlhan & Sadri Alışık Theater, continues to be staged in its 2nd year, sold out.
Selcuk Yöntem, who received the Best Actor of the Year award from the New Theater Magazine for his role as Salieri, said, "Let us have a lot of applause in the 2nd year of our play, which we brought to the stage with great effort. Thank you to our audience. Keep going,” he said.